Roughly classified HDPE pipes.

Published by shentong 2023-12-05

HDPE pipe diameters range from DN32 to DN1000 in 26 grades.Pressure classes range from 0.6mpa to 1.6mpa, with 5 grades.

The HDPE tube will be melted between the temperature of 190 ° c and n240 ° c. Using this characteristic, the two melted parts of the pipe (or fitting) will be fully contacted and maintained at the appropriate pressure, and the two parts will be firmly integrated after cooling.Therefore, the connection mode of PE pipe is different from that of u-pvc pipe. Generally, electric hot melt connection and hot melt butt joint are adopted. According to the size of pipe diameter, it can be divided into: when DN≤63, injection hot melt socket connection is adopted;When DN≥75, use hot melt butt connection or electric welding socket connection;Connect with flange or thread buckle when connecting with different materials.

In the pipeline repair method, there are expansion pipe construction method and lining HDPE method.

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